What clients are saying about working with Tommy the Bull

“I’ve learned more in 4 days by taking Tommy’s class than months of reading on my own. Everything was put together in a well thought out manner and made much more sense. One of the best things about Tommy as an instructor was that you know how passionate and excited he gets when talking about all aspects of trading and took the time to help me understand what was going on. Can’t thank you enough for showing me the ways of becoming a professional trader.”

-Nick Sequeria

In-Person Training of March 2019

“Tommy’s class is 100% worth it. His approach includes mindset: the abandon of fear when facing obstacles; fundamentals: the realization of what is true value when it comes to investing in the stock market and specifically in Penny stocks; and finally: Technical analysis: learning to read stocks’ fluctuations in great detail but also while keeping the big picture in mind and truly understanding what is at play. If you have any doubt: just take a look at how he calls out plays on Instagram before they happen. And after you take the class o subscribe to his chat, you will see how other members are deriving monetary and informational value from his approach. He offers both signals and understanding. Tldr: amazing course.”
-Ghizlane Chadid
Online Training of April 2019
Ghizlane Chadid, @casablancadolce

“Trading is hard, day trading is very hard. In fact it might be one of the hardest skills I have ever tried to pick up. Books and videos helped my knowledge but not my P/L and since consistent growth was my goal I needed somewhere new to look. Luckily for me I had been follow Tommy the consistent Bull for a couple months prior to the start of his class and from chatting with him previously I knew that he would be a phenomenal teacher to an incredibly difficult craft and I was right. I still make mistakes but I am doing better than ever after taking this penny stock class. Tommy covers the core concepts of trading very well and the chatroom access will likely tie up any loose knots in your understanding. He is a mentor that will call you in the middle of trading to check on you, help you through mistakes, and is very friendly with a strong positive vibe! The course is fast so if you aren’t serious, good luck. If you are serious, congratulations on picking the right class you will not regret it. Money well spent!”

-Sephy Killem

Online Training of April 2019

Sephy Killem, @sephykillem
“Tommy’s class was fantastic. I found Tommy on Instagram through a friend and his content is the real stuff. I was a bit hesitant to take the class. I took the class and I have grown so much as a trader.  I have confidence and the skillset to build a trade and take a trade. I was apart of Tommy’s first ever in person class and I can tell you I have been profiting on my paper trading account since then. In Tommy’s course he shows you the technical, fundamental and the psychological aspects of trading.  He is very patient, eager and experienced with trading.  Yes you may think the course is expensive however you will gain and unlock the knowledge that you will need in order to make that money back and  have a continuous cash flow. This isn’t a quick get rich scheme however with consistency, dedication and screen time you will profit off of it and potentially make this a career to unlock the financial freedom. Thanks again Tommy! You Rock!”
Ricky Irizarry
In-Person Training of March 2019

“I would highly recommend this training course to anyone who is interested in trading on the stock market. The course was well structured over the 4 days and really helped break down the key 3 aspects of trading. Tommy is as real as it gets and his insight has been eye opening to the opportunities available in penny stocks. I have already noticed improvements in my own trading and it has only been a week since taking the course. I am looking forward to progressing in the future alongside my fellow chat members.”

-Matt Darling

Online Training of April 2019

Matt Darling, @matty_darling

Tommy is the man. I’m glad i came across this educational program. You will learn many strategies about trading from entry exit points, charting, and most importantly the psychology within the market. Tommy provides the required knowledge to succeed but its up to students to put in consistent effort to succeed. There’s no magic in trading. In summary, if you’re looking for a great day trading guru to help you excel in your day trading career, I highly recommend Tommy.


In-Person Training of March 2019

Abdullah, @abdothebull

Do you want to become a sniper without having to join the military? Well then great news, Tommy the Bull can teach you! In his class he gives you the truth about trading and cuts through all the nonsense. Not only will you learn an immense amount from the course, but you will also get access to the Discord community which includes live mic sessions, q&a sessions, callouts from Tommy, and of course… memes…lots of memes. Invest in yourself if you want a better tomorrow by learning from a professional trader. If you are looking for an easy route and want to get rich quickly look elsewhere.

-Jake Martinez

Online & In-Person Training 2019

Jake Martinez, @jaykeunit

First I would like to start by saying thank you Tommy, I would say that this class is 200% recommended at least!   I was laughing all class because once he teach you, you will see how simple he discover the stock and much this make sense. I enjoyed all the class because in comparison with other professionals, he is very realistic and transparent. First time that I went to class I had on all the chart indicators that you can imagine. After you listen tommy you don’t need anything just the knowledge that Tommy provides in the class. This class is kind of like going straight to the university and right to the point with no messing around. Right to the point and exactly what you need, that is why I love this class. If you would ask me, I would recommend you take the class just to see Tommy and how confident and simple he make the stock market for you.

Thank you tommy
In-Person Training May of 2019
Oscar, @oscaromil
Tommy’s Course absolutely changed my perspective on the whole game. He breaks it down like no one has before for me. I have taken other classes and though they taught me how to trade and things to look for. Tommy taught me how to WIN, i am always going to be thankful for his generosity and compassion. The chat room is like a family to me, we learn, trade & grow together. and Don’t forget we have the most powerful scanner on the market, TOMMYTHEBULL himself !! I would recommend his course to anyone who’s looking to get a new perspective on the game, and learn things that not many mentors out here are willing to share.
Online Training of April 2019
Before I took Tommy’s class, I took one other class that left me satisfied and with high standards for any other class that I would take. Tommy’s class succeeded my expectations. In just a month I am so much more confident in my charting skills and treating penny stocks. Although I had some trading experience beforehand, I was not confident in trading penny stocks at all. This class has helped me to become more of a success  I was not confident in trading penny stocks at all. This class has helped me to become more of a successful trader and I’m extremely thankful!
-Sky Saez
In-Person Training of March 2019
Sky Saez, @skysaez


Faraz Ahmed
In-Person Training of April 2019
Faraz Ahmed, @farazahmad97
Taking Tommy’s class and learning from him has been incredible. I learned so much about the market in a very short amount of time, very valuable insight. Learning from someone with experience and who has an edge on trading allows you move forward as a trader much more efficiently. I have been able to see and understand things much more clear, and it has made trading enjoyable for me. Tommy has a passion for trading and continues to mentor his students, answer questions, and help you grow.
-Jordan Clark
In-Person Training of April 2019
Jordan Clark, @jordan_clark9
It was an amazing experience that I personally don’t see as a course, but instead, as a necessary step into my career as a trader. Tommy does an amazing job breaking down the stock market in many ways that one could never imagine. This isn’t a course that teaches you the definition of a stock, a candlestick, and other basic definitions like many courses do. Tommy goes behind the scenes of the Stock Market, and shows you who really pulls the strings. Tommy is a great teacher, mentor, and friend who does this not for the benefit of himself but the benefit of his students. This will be an eye opener that improves your trades, and you as a trader.
Jesus Caldera
In-Person Training of April 2019
Jesus Caldera, @juicedup9306
I took a course before taking yours and it taught me the basics as well as luckily introduced me to you. However, post course I felt lost and overwhelmed by the traditional methods and indicators. After taking your course, heck a day into your course, I felt calm and collected, informed and prepared to make Day Trades and Swing Trades. Even more so, I feel now, that I can make a career out of this business. The simplicity of your teaching changed everything not to mention sitting NEXT to the instructor for the entire class in small group.
I believe this class changed everything for me in trading and I believe, in life.
Thanks Tommy – I wish all the success in the world and I hope to be around to see it.
In-Person Training of May 2019

I can speak wonders about the class, but what had the biggest impact for me was Tommy. He is a genuine, honest and straight forward guy. Some one I would like to have as a friend and someone who has the credibility and teaches based on his failures and success. Those are the qualities you need to search when looking for a mentor and a teacher.

About the class; I learn so much and his teachings show me the pathway,  what I do not know and specially what I must know in order to be consistently profitable. I can recommend this class to anyone who wants to take his game to the next level.

Rick Jurado

In-Person Training of May 2019

Rick Jurado, @rick17

For anyone looking to get into stocks or anyone looking to advance their knowledge in stocks, this is the class!!! The value you get from this course and Tommy is unmatched. The education he provides can’t be found anywhere else, I promise. I spent countless of hours researching and watching videos online, before taking this class. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything and will expose you to the market. This class will change your career and perspective in stocks; it will not only save you time, but money. Tommy is the man and is always willing to help. Worth every penny!!!

-David Iglesias

Online training of May 2019

David Iglesias , @_iglesiad
If you are looking to learn how to trade penny stocks, look no further, Tommy is the man.
This is surely the place you want to start. Tommy cuts out all the noise and breaks it down enough for anyone to learn.
Definitely an investment worth making!
-Ronald Izquierdo

Online training of May 2019

Ronald izquierdo, @Ronaldizquierdo_
The Tommy the Bull trading class opened me up into a new perspective of the stock market. He introduced me into learning things about the market that I would have never even thought were possible. He teaches you his ways of trading which WORKS and goes into detail over every single thing you need to be successful in the market. I strongly recommend taking his class, and this will not be my last time as well.
-Jacob Aguirre

Houston In-Person Training May-June 2019

Jacob Aguirre, @_jacob1aguirre2

Before TommyTheBull’s class, I was using unnecessary chart indicators and did not have a clue how penny stocks operated. He taught us how to chart like the pros, how psychology plays into penny stocks, how to read SEC filings, and much more! I highly recommend Tommy’s class because he will take each person’s individual trading situation and give you personalized feedback on how to improve. Thank you Tommy!

-Gaby Cruz

Houston In-Person Training May-June 2019

Gaby Cruz, @gabycruzzin

I attended Tommy the Bull’s online class in May in hopes of acquiring a better foundation of the basics of stock trading. Tommy the Bull did a fantastic job on covering subjects such a technical analysis, fundamentals, day trading, scalping, and proper trading psychology and technics.

Since there were only a few people in the online course, this was helpful in Tommy answering our questions quickly and in depth. He did a great job in teaching us things that would be hard to find on free platforms and how to filter out many unnecessary things when it comes to trading. The course was also recorded so we could go back and rewatch and take notes if we missed anything the first time around.

This would be a great course for beginners or anyone wanting to expand their knowledge towards the market.

-Ayla Parvu

Online training of May 2019

Ayla Parvu, @ayla_parvu
At first I was skeptical about entering into the stock market, because everyone who doesn’t know much about it says it’s risky but with Tommy’s classes, I was able to clear a lot of my doubts. He’s a great teacher who’s super friendly and always answers your doubts with clear explanations. I would highly recommend beginner and existing traders regardless of skill level to take his course.
Online Training of April 2019
Harsh Baweja, @harshbaweja

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