Having trouble finding good trades?

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YOU’RE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE STOCKS YOU TRADE. Here I have created a customized link so you can automatically upload all of my personal scanners to your own screens. 

The Bull Scanner Package

  • Parabolic Momentum Scanner
  • HOD Momentum Scanner
  • Short Squeeze Scanner
  • Dip Buy / Panic Buy Scanner
  • Breaking Out On Volume Scanner
  • Social Media Scanner
  • Halt / Resume Scanner
  • Potential Parabolic Pick Up
  • Short Squeeze Scanner


  • Continuation Pattern Scanner
  • Second Day Move Scanner
  • My Top Watch Scanner
  • Relative Volume Scanner
  • Social Media Scanner
  • Before The News Scanner
  • Market Watch Scanner
  • After Hours Scanner
  • Alerts / Daily P&L Tracker

The Bull Package:    Is a cluster of different scans that I use everyday to find the best opportunity’s on the market.    This package includes all my best trading strategies and top watch-lists.    Every scan has been coded with specific criteria’s that I have put years into developing.    It is a must for me in trading and responsible for some of the biggest trades I have ever made in my career.    These scanner’s will alert you to key plays in real time by both voice & text combined.    It is also designed for you to set alerts and trade directly from the scanner itself.    All scans have been made adjustable for different monitor sizes, updates, and tutorials are available.

ALL-IN-1 Bull Package for: $499.97


My option scanners are something I have developed through the years but optimized to find the best option strategies. The Morning Gap Scanner, Option Momentum Scanner, Option Break Out Scans including TTM Squeeze Me, Bottom Bounce Play, Market Marker Move, SMA Crossers, Breakout Scanner, Market Watcher Scanner, Unusual Option Volume Scans, Unusual Option Social Media Mentions, 5 day Long Swing Play, Weekly’s, Long Term, Everything an option trader would need and more.


All-IN-1 Swing Trade Scanner:

The best swing trading scans for market stocks including: Breaking out of consolidation, Momentum continuation, High volume moving average break outs, 5 Day long swing play, Pattern breakdowns & Pattern bounces plays, Top watches and much more…


Just looking looking for a specific scan?

Individual Scans For Purchase:


Morning Gappers:

These scanners are used pre market to get you to the stocks that are moving and are most likely to give up larger moves through out the day. My gap scanners are based off multiple different criteria’s, organized and separated by both earnings and market cap. Suitable for everyone that wants a advanced gap scanner and looking to cut out the bad and only get the good.


HOD (High of Day) Momentum Scanner:

Stocks within our criteria that are making a new high under the correct amount of momentum needed for continuation.


Tommy the Bull’s Parabolic Scanner:

Any stocks that can go parabolic will be found in this scanner every time. The volume settings, patterns, and criteria is essential for stocks heading towards a parabolic spike.


Dip Buy / Panic Buy Scanner:

Stocks that make a large move to the downside can create a great bounce play opportunity. This scanner is used best with red to green, opening range, and other strategies. While others are panicking this will help you take advantage of the buying opportunity.


Market Indicator Scanner:

Specifically monitors the SP & 500 index. This will monitor the current market trend giving you key buying or selling intuition throughout the day.


After Hours Scanner:

This scanner monitors all movement within a strict criteria AH (after hours) Tracks volume, Squeezing, New Highs, and many methodology scans. The scan is designed to create a watchlist of stocks that have the best momentum for after hours trading.


With the purchase of the ALL-IN-1 Scanner package you will recieve for free a link to my 4, 6, and 8 chart trade desk. These are the trading platform setups I use everyday to trade and monitor multiple stocks. This desk is loaded with all my trading indicators and trading setup I trade out of everyday.

To use any of the scanners for sale you will need an active trade ideas subscription.     If you do not have one you can sign up @ www.tradeideas.com    Thanks to my continued relationship with trade ideas I am able to offer you 15% your subscription.     Just insert PROMO CODE:    “TTB15”     and receive 15% off!!!


$499.97 ALL-IN-1 Bull Package