Chat Room

Have you ever been stuck not knowing where, when, and what to trade?

Have you ever been lost, not knowing when to exit or enter a trade?

If you’ve asked these questions, join my chat room where every day we discuss, analyze, and trade – together.


The Chat Room is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for trade ideas, commentary, and education. TommyTheBull begins at 8:30 am EST with a glimpse into markets and daily watchlist for all members. Everyday, TommyTheBull is live trading by MIC CHAT announcing every entry and exit on trade by trade.

*Additional times may be considered depending on the trading day*

Experience first-hand how we identify opportunities using our software to consistently improve your trading techniques.

Experience trade examples in action and follow along in real time as we analyze Stocks and ETF’s on NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX as well as other exchanges. Watch us review and discuss our software tools and view our real-time trading charts and get valuable perspectives on how to use these tools.

You’ll learn to:

  • Identify low risk trade entries
  • Analyze price action of stocks in real time
  • Identify strengths and weakness across all major markets
  • Manage and build positions
  • Have access to real time trades of professionals
  • Access to Tommy the Bull’s watchlist of stocks daily
  • …and much, much more!

During the chat room hours, live trades are presented, accompanied by audio and/or chat commentary, charts, and education. This enables each trader to find the strategy that best suits their style of trading.

My goal is to teach you to be the best trader you can be! Join our community today! By joining, you’ll get the absolute bottom-line best trade education available.

Tommy the Bull’s Chat Room is moderated by me, Tommy the Bull and/or my associates, and enables you to “look over my shoulder” and observe in real-time how I prepare for the market each day and how I carry out my analysis. My chatroom is operated through Discord, and is available on Windows, MAC, iPhone, and Android.

Live Trading Analysis & Ideas

You will see and hear our analysis on new trade ideas for all trading time frames. We will use intraday charts to perfect the timing of entries and trade management. Because we will be “trading in the moment” and nimbler, we will also announce high-probability day trading opportunities. We will provide verbal guidance on all trades and market analysis, as well as valuable trading lessons. Questions are encouraged. Our focus is on helping you become a disciplined trader to generate wealth and income.

Benefits of Tommy the Bull’s Chat Room:

  • Incredible flow of trade ideas to help generate wealth and income
  • Visual charts showing amazing low risk trade setups
  • Consistent commentary and full discloser of as we trade together
  • Audio guidance on some trades and market analysis
  • Valuable, Profitable, & Educational trading sessions. “members say they learned more on day one in chat then in most class rooms”
  • Consistent analysis of market structure, price action and order flow as it develops!
  • Q&A throughout trading day as well as afterhours

Join the chat room today! You don’t want to come in late only to find you missed the play!!!


Registration for Members:

Once subscribed, you will be emailed a password to login on our website tab (the Chat Room). We strongly recommend you review this page before signing up so you are familiar with some of the basics of our techniques.

The room rules and techniques are simple. We focus on teaching how to trade and fostering independence and advanced learning. Below you will find the basics of what you need to know to learn and trade successfully in the TommyTheBull Chat Room. After signing up, you will go on to advanced learning within all the room resources mentioned above and more.

Rule #1 is Know the Rules and ask questions if you need clarification. We are happy to help! Be sure to ask any trading and technique related questions in the room. This is beneficial for both you as a member and other members, but it also invites more experienced members to chime in and offer their insights on the topic.

Etiquette and Rules for Chat:

This room is an open forum giving a sense of community and sense of a common goal for all involved. In order to accomplish this certain extremely basic room rules are required (though self-evident) as follows:

  1. All participants will be treated with the utmost respect. This starts with you (respect yourself) and extends to all others. We want to create an environment that is happy, positive and nurturing for those learning and advancing their skills as traders. Un necessary foul language is not part of the room. Making self-defamatory statements is not part of the room. If you have something that you want to say that is negative, then figure out a way to state it in the positive for the room.
  2. A participant can be banned from chat at any time and for any interval and, the rules can be changed at any time without notice as may be needed. Thanks for working together to create a sense of community, advancement, fun and prosperity!


  • Charts are in EST time but we may broadcast live from other time zones at various times.
    All Strategies, Analysis, and Psychology we use are available for you to learn through my classes
  • TOMMYTHEBULL’S Chat Room is for educational purposes only. Your trading is your decision. By participating or coping anything in this room you agree to this.
  • In general, successful trading is approached structurally, patiently, and with a rational mind. The general principles of this room are applicable to trading on all kinds of charts and time-frames, etc.
  • The room is for individual traders trading their own account. Be sure to read the terms and conditions for the site as you are responsible for using it in the manner described there.
  • The room is designed so you can trade flexibly and in such a way that you may trade more or less. It is up to you and you only.
  • Rules are a general guideline. It is important to protect your capital. This is your job.
  • Rules may be modified at any time for clarification or improvement.

Are you ready to trade like a professional?